The Right Person

Sometimes the right place is a person

And sometimes waiting and thinking what was right to happen, is never right after all

But instead, it worsened.

For the right person will walk with you through a path that’s certain.


Fire with fire

I don’t know if I could ever go without

A warmth I crave every night

Warmed by a fire I learnt to crazed and put out

As, fire with fire would eventually burnout.




Attached to things

Attached to people

Attached to moments

But really, why did we burden the weight for our shoulders to bear with what we chose to be our attachments

When what’s meant will always be meant.

If you’re a believer, then Trust His plans.


Trusting His Plans

As I stepped in to the mosque, I often wonder why You’d put me here. The weakest of your servants in Your home.

Flawed though hidden, I don’t deserve the slightest shade Your roof provided me, not even in this dunya when I sinned. I sinned beyond any of your creation’s mind could have thought, but you covered me with the purest of blankets I could have never afford.

You protected my dignity from falling to the pits of anger and disappointments for the people I love.

As I stood here, once more, stepping into Your home I wonder will You ever forgive me.

Ya Rabb, I know You’re the most merciful. You’ve opened the door to Your home for me, and now I’m begging You to open the door of forgiveness for me.

Guide me for I know not, for I’m in dire need of every light to come through this sorrowful dark heart. Guide me on how to attain practices of every verses that Your Beloved part.

I’m in desperate need to be kept in Your light and I realise then why You’d put me here. I realise then it’s where I needed to be to start my journey back to my eternal home.

Keep me in Your light and path till then. Keep me here and I’ll promise I’ll trust Your plans. Promise me You’ll give me the purest end.


Ramadan Kareem

For every year, we meet the blessed month once.

For this year, I hope it’ll never be our last one.

But if it’d be our last year, I pray it’d be the best of all the years you had with Ramadan.

And till then, I wish you a Ramadan Kareem to you and your loved ones.