Timely reminder

“Or do you think that you will enter Paradise while such [trial] has not yet come to you as came to those who passed on before you? They were touched by poverty and hardship and were shaken until [even their] messenger and those who believed with him said,”When is the help of Allah?” Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near.”

(Al-Baqarah 2:214)


My Creator’s Name

Who created you, proportioned you and balanced you

Yet you deny his mercy and his rights over you 

Still, Your creator awaits for your return.

Indeed He is, Allah S.W.T

For, He is 

2 الرحمن The All-Compassionate Ar-Rahman

3 الرحيم The All-Merciful Ar-Rahim

4 الملك The Absolute Ruler Al-Malik

5 القدوس The Pure One Al-Quddus

6 السلام The Source of Peace As-Salam

7 المؤمن The Inspirer of Faith Al-Mu’min

8 المهيمن The Guardian Al-Muhaymin

9 العزيز The Victorious Al-Aziz

10 الجبار The Compeller Al-Jabbar

11 المتكبر The Greatest Al-Mutakabbir

12 الخالق The Creator Al-Khaliq

13 البارئ The Maker of Order Al-Bari’

14 المصور The Shaper of Beauty Al-Musawwir

15 الغفار The Forgiving Al-Ghaffar

16 القهار The Subduer Al-Qahhar

17 الوهاب The Giver of All Al-Wahhab

18 الرزاق The Sustainer Ar-Razzaq

19 الفتاح The Opener Al-Fattah

20 العليم The Knower of All Al-`Alim

21 القابض The Constrictor Al-Qabid

22 الباسط The Reliever Al-Basit

23 الخافض The Abaser Al-Khafid

24 الرافع The Exalter Ar-Rafi

25 المعز The Bestower of Honors Al-Mu’izz

26 المذل The Humiliator Al-Mudhill

27 السميع The Hearer of All As-Sami

28 البصير The Seer of All Al-Basir

29 الحكم The Judge Al-Hakam

30 العدل The Just Al-`Adl

31 اللطيف The Subtle One Al-Latif

32 الخبير The All-Aware Al-Khabir

33 الحليم The Forbearing Al-Halim

34 العظيم The Magnificent Al-Azim

35 الغفور The Forgiver and Hider of Faults Al-Ghafur

36 الشكور The Rewarder of Thankfulness Ash-Shakur

37 العلي The Highest Al-Ali

38 الكبير The Greatest Al-Kabir

39 الحفيظ The Preserver Al-Hafiz

40 المقيت The Nourisher Al-Muqit

41 الحسيب The Accounter Al-Hasib

42 الجليل The Mighty Al-Jalil

43 الكريم The Generous Al-Karim

44 الرقيب The Watchful One Ar-Raqib

45 المجيب The Responder to Prayer Al-Mujib

46 الواسع The All-Comprehending Al-Wasi

47 الحكيم The Perfectly Wise Al-Hakim

48 الودود The Loving One Al-Wadud

49 المجيد The Majestic One Al-Majid

50 الباعث The Resurrector Al-Ba’ith

51 الشهيد The Witness Ash-Shahid

52 الحق The Truth Al-Haqq

53 الوكيل The Trustee Al-Wakil

54 القوى The Possessor of All Strength Al-Qawiyy

55 المتين The Forceful One Al-Matin

56 الولي The Governor Al-Waliyy

57 الحميد The Praised One Al-Hamid

58 المحصى The Appraiser Al-Muhsi

59 المبدئ The Originator Al-Mubdi’

60 المعيد The Restorer Al-Mu’id

61 المحيي The Giver of Life Al-Muhyi

62 المميت The Taker of Life Al-Mumit

63 الحي The Ever Living One Al-Hayy

64 القيوم The Self-Existing One Al-Qayyum

65 الواجد The Finder Al-Wajid

66 الماجد The Glorious Al-Majid

67 الواحد The One, the All Inclusive, The Indivisible Al-Wahid

68 الصمد The Satisfier of All Needs As-Samad

69 القادر The All Powerful Al-Qadir

70 المقتدر The Creator of All Power Al-Muqtadir

71 المقدم The Expediter Al-Muqaddim

72 المؤخر The Delayer Al-Mu’akhkhir

73 الأول The First Al-Awwal

74 الآخر The Last Al-Akhir

75 الظاهر The Manifest One Az-Zahir

76 الباطن The Hidden One Al-Batin

77 الوالي The Protecting Friend Al-Wali

78 المتعال The Supreme One Al-Muta’ali

79 البر The Doer of Good Al-Barr

80 التواب The Guide to Repentance At-Tawwab

81 المنتقم The Avenger Al-Muntaqim

82 العفو The Forgiver Al-‘Afuww

83 الرؤوف The Clement Ar-Ra’uf

84 مالك الملك The Owner of All Malik-al-Mulk

85 ذو الجلال و الإكرام The Lord of Majesty and Bounty Dhu-al-Jalal wa-al-Ikram

86 المقسط The Equitable One Al-Muqsit

87 الجامع The Gatherer Al-Jami’

88 الغني The Rich One Al-Ghani

89 المغني The Enricher Al-Mughni

90 المانع The Preventer of Harm Al-Mani’

91 الضار The Creator of The Harmful Ad-Darr

92 النافع The Creator of Good An-Nafi’

93 النور The Light An-Nur

94 الهادي The Guide Al-Hadi

95 البديع The Originator Al-Badi

96 الباقي The Everlasting One Al-Baqi

97 الوارث The Inheritor of All Al-Warith

98 الرشيد The Righteous Teacher Ar-Rashid

99 الصبور The Patient One As-Sabur

May you be guided, always.