He loves me, He loves me not

Within the cage of her heart, leaves started to grow and roses began to bloom

It also wilted to a rhythm

of what the heart had to presume

at some days she plucked to uncertain

just to feel wholesome

but he still watered them with his affection

growing more leaves and roses in her poems.

He loves me.


Diamond Ring

The diamond in the circle, felt completely home while the circle didn’t feel like a complete whole.

The diamond in the circle, felt miserable for its sharp edges resting on the circle while the circle felt connected yet empty.

Little that they knew, they were made into symbols worn to vow trust, honesty and loyalty in pursuit of their love’s forever.

While they both strive to be good enough for each other.


Tell me

Tell me how to breathe, without the hurt

Even when the silence exerts

Then tell me how we love and no force on Earth could doubt

For tell me how to be in this world, even when it gets dark, we’ll find a way out.