Love meets clock

You are the seconds of her minutes where flying kisses are meant to keep.

You are the minutes of her hours where her love will always towers.

You are the hours of her day when her heart never intends to stay.

You are her day and her night when you are everything meant in her life.


The Moon’s

She’ll tell you stories of the galaxies about him time after time,
like how the stars sang lullabies to the sun,
and like how darkness blankets the sun to sleep,
for its an oscillate representation of how his heart was hers to keep.

And she’ll tell you stories of the galaxies about him time again,
but never on an oath of planets and galaxies that stays the same,
where she was the sun and he was the moon,
and her stories of the galaxies about him would come to an end far too soon.

But she’ll tell you stories of the galaxies about him again – this time increasing sync to her own heartbeat,
hoping for a moment in time where day and night could just meet,
for that was the only wish she asked upon the night stars,
though she fathom it could’ve even took its trip anywhere near Mars.

Alas, she didn’t know she was wishing upon her own,
for she was the star in the daylight tone,
but a twinkle of hope was far better than her rays in light of fears,
even if, time was injustly count in light years.

She’ll tell stories of the galaxies about him a less more,
and also on the gloomy day where the rain poured,
and maybe then, she’s ready to end,
that the sun and the moon were never meant,
or maybe it was just the time – they never had to spend.


Forever Never

Too much of anything can give you sickly pixie dust

Knowing too much can get you hurt pretty fast

A blessing beast of too much beauty can also be a belle’s curse

What more the too much goodness of a pure heart’s verse

Thinking it’s destines for the lost of a first love that never parts

But sometimes, it’s all much to never at a lover’s deck of cards

And sometimes, it’s never too much to remember

For it’s edged in memory carved in together

All meant for a selfish delusional reason of a time called forever.


Blooming Flowers

Flowers bloom, and bloom with all of your might
Don’t ever take the darkness for light
As even in the gloom fights of a brave knight
Flowers will bloom like the twinkled stars across the silent night
Even when left at the darkest shade of light
Flowers will bloom and bloom with all of their might.

Tea VS Coffee

Walls still unpainted of what used to be

Resting her gaze she brewed her tea

A sip it spoke to the speaker of the heart’s content

While thoughts came by and blame took its rounds of dent and unvent

And time played its card and left it scarred at the poor girl’s heart

But maybe it could’ve been sealed if she answered the odds appeal

Like learning the probability of nine to one that tea was not written in The Divine’s will

Or the mechanism that tea was just a nemesis of a puffed definition for beautitude bliss

For it has been carelessly heaved for the certainty of please

Alas, she then sipped a last sip and last teased, “How about a talk over coffee miss?”

But maybe, she’ll still have her tea like how it all used to be,

As the acquainted taste is what the matters of her heart only speaks

Brewing it, she provoked; How can a sip of tea exquisitely take its kill by heat 

But, a wrath remains that coffee will forever foreordain than tea.