My Graduation Plan

I know I’ll find my center

Maybe not now, but sooner or later

To the All-Giver

Make me content of the gifts you deliver

Have my trust in You, for what may come by The Divine Planner

For I strive and yearn to be Your faithful and grateful believer

Now and then, till forever.


He writes you

His mannerism with words and agility to pierce it together into a masterpiece, she’ll read timelessly over and falling once more.

That was how everything falls into place and His Love took the space, of her vacant hollowed heart’s maze.

Like herself, He’s a writer but no ordinary one. His words were heaved in diviness. It moulded her with honorable courage, strength and human mindedness.

His words gave her truth. His words never needs proof. His words were filled with promises of eternal bliss if she just put it to practise. And his words, never made her day ever blue.

He is the best writer even against of all writers. Moreover. He is an all-stake high favourite fever, even to His non-readers. And even so, He writes you.


In His Hands

And all I ask of you is to just take a leap of faith and put your guard down, put all your worries, sadness, happiness everything in His hands and trust Him.

For which better pair of hands could you entrust everything with, if not other than the Maker of Hearts, Himself.

Put your heart, with the Maker. He will fix you and moreover, He knows best. Put your heart in His Hands.



After April’s Joke

My thoughts and prayers goes out to humanity. May we act with love and patience in times of trials and tribulations. And may He ease and soften our hearts.

Hold on tight, my brothers and sisters. The Almighty Lord of the divine worlds is all we need. May He constantly remind us to return back to Him. May we act with grace and courage for the Truth.

For, He is with us. Forever and Always.