To love without knowing how to love, wounds the person we love.


And I’m sorry.


It won’t be easy

It won’t be easy, to leave it all behind. 
It won’t be easy, even with time. 
It won’t be easy.

Heck, it’ll never be easy,
But just maybe, I could be fine.
For your happiness is also mine.

But it won’t be easy for me, even in a millionth rhyme. 


Stumble, and Fall

“I pray that everyone with a good heart puts their heart in good hands.”

Stumble, and fall. 
Stumble, and fall.
But He’s with you at every step of your call.

Get on your feet now,
and keep walking. 
Doesn’t matter where you start from. 

Stumble, and fall.
Stumble, and fall.
For, He’s with you through it all.