First love

I said my first love

will be my last

But I Guess we both had to lead our own path

And now I say my first love

Is just my past

That comes with a pricey heart’s aftermath


Never Yours

They said making dua for the people you love is the purest kind of love. I hope you know you’re in my prayers tonight, and always.

For to be only yours, I begged and prayed.

But what’s left is the price the heart had paid,

For filling it with something that could fade.


Nothing will change

Only when I’m thrown into the sea,

Only then I realise how I badly want to breathe, for the people who stood for me.

Only when I’m thrown into the sea,

Only then I realise how it isn’t how it seems, for I alone in this world am tiny.

Because only then, I realise how things won’t change a thing between you and me,

Even if I’m thrown into the sea.



A meltdown,
And she turns into ice.

Her cold heart no longer takes another twice.
For even an iced heart couldn’t mend those ties.

For promises of forever are not meant for the wise,
only He can give her the warmth back in her eyes.


Our story

The story of us
It goes something like this

Like how the sun and the moon were destined for the same sky but have never met

or how the ocean retreats from the shore timelessly even after a countless reset

And as tragic as it seems
The story of us
It went something like a story that I shouldn’t have miss.

For the story of us,
Was written by The All Best.