Forever be silenced 

I’ve learn one of a few things on entreaty

It’s the most deafening wound yet the courageous front against rage.

It may not be an extricate shot, before guilt and regret.

But remaining silent, never meant to be forever be silenced. 


Her Poems

Timelessly read poet attempting to understand the state of her heart,

Unsaid emotions pierced together into words to fit it all in her disoriented sight of sanity,

A poetry that brought in words that hold the aptitude of what never mattered.


Write will you 

I don’t write as often, it’s an internal bloody war of being myself and knowing it’ll be stab against me now. 

But I’ll still write, even if prevailing the truth carved in me would seem pathetic.

For I’ll still write to You, even if only a word is left in me.