Half of Me

Will you comfort her, love her, honour her and keep her in sickness and in health?

For your other half is to be love and to be cherish.

A decision to unite two hearts is not meant for the foolish.

So, what’s your solemn vow before I hand this heart I’m holding now.


Her New Cheer

He stopped her fears from turning into tears,
And made her realise the light she still had, even after all of her dark years.

For He had always kept her near,
To give her the happiness that she rightfully deserve.

And maybe that will be her new cheer,
To keep striving to be with the beloved of her Creator.


Never Yours

They said making dua for the people you love is the purest kind of love. I hope you know you’re in my prayers tonight, and always.

For to be only yours, I begged and prayed.

But what’s left is the price the heart had paid,

For filling it with something that could fade.


If my Lord asks me

A poem that made Imam Ahmad cry….

If my Lord asks me, “Have you shyness in disobeying me?”

You conceal your sins from my creations – and with sins you come to me.

So how will I answer, O woe to me – and who shall protect me

I keep averting my soul with thoughts of hope from time to time

And I forget what is to come after my death- and what is to come after I shrouded.

As if I am guaranteed life (eternally) – and that death will not come to me.

And when the severe stupor of death overtakes me – who will protect me?

I looked at the faces; is there not from amongst them who will ransom me?

I will be asked regarding what I have prepared in my life to save me (on the Day of Judgement).

Then how will I answer – after I have neglected my religion.

Woe to me! Did I not hear the Speech of Allāh inviting me?

Did I not hear what came in (the chapters of) Qāf and Yā-Sīn?

Did I not hear about the Day of Gathering, the Day of Assemble and the Day of Judgement?

Did I not hear the crier of death inviting me, calling me?

So O my Lord, a slave (turning to you) I have repented – so who then shall shelter me?

Except a Lord extensive in forgiveness – to the truth He will guide me.

I have come to you (in repentance) – so have mercy on me, and make heavy my scales (with good deeds).

And lighten my account – You are the best of who will bring me to account.