Her New Cheer

He stopped her fears from turning into tears,
And made her realise the light she still had, even after all of her dark years.

For He had always kept her near,
To give her the happiness that she rightfully deserve.

And maybe that will be her new cheer,
To keep striving to be with the beloved of her Creator.


Resident of my heart

He slept, got up and left

But he resided in most part that she had

For the memories he carved

Made her turn him into a resident of her heart

But he never knew that part


Never Yours

They said making dua for the people you love is the purest kind of love. I hope you know you’re in my prayers tonight, and always.

For to be only yours, I begged and prayed.

But what’s left is the price the heart had paid,

For filling it with something that could fade.


Nothing will change

Only when I’m thrown into the sea,

Only then I realise how I badly want to breathe, for the people who stood for me.

Only when I’m thrown into the sea,

Only then I realise how it isn’t how it seems, for I alone in this world am tiny.

Because only then, I realise how things won’t change a thing between you and me,

Even if I’m thrown into the sea.