A piece of paper attempts to understand the soul,

unsaid vehement of emotions pierced together into words,

timelessly read, disorientating all sight of sanity,

fitting it all in like an allotment of vanity,

an afresh magnitude brought in and nothing else mattered,

for these words hold the aptitude of what loved ones never bothered.


My First Post

Current Venue: In the Train

Situation: I’m (very, very, very and the very) late for my interview

You know those days where you’re all hyped to start a blog and you want your first post to have that KAPOWWWBANGBOOMKADABABOM impact. 

Well, here’s mine /explosives blastfire entrance\ Never intend my first post to be on how ignorantly irresponsible I can be with time. I wanted it to be a poetry on potty poop stops actually. Strange…. I Know. But ouh well, I’ve reached my stop (not the potty poop one), gotta rush and wish me luck!

Am I suppose to sign out with love….

Ouh Charlie,