A Sinner’s Letter

Ya Rabb,
I’ve messed up.

Ya Rabb,
I wouldn’t have felt this void if I had filled it with you.

Ya Rabb,
I’ve disappoint you time and time again.

Ya Rabb,
Make my heart at ease knowing that You, the Maker of Hearts could remove this sorrow and despair.

Ya Rabb,
Only You could mend its pieces.

Ya Rabb,
I can’t do this without You, indeed I am the weakest among Your servants.

Ya Rabb,
You know what’s best for me for I know not.

Ya Rabb,
Give my strength to let go for your sake.

Ya Rabb,
Send my salam to Your Beloved (s.a.w).
For what you love, I love too.
And I hope what loves you, loves me too. 

Ya Rabb,
Certainly You are the All-Forgiving and you love to forgive, so forgive me.


Dear Lily

Be steadfast, dear heart.
Keep striving, dear soul.

Not just for the last 10 days,
but till the last seconds of your time here.
He is with you, dear self.

Stay grateful, stay patient,
dear heart,
dear soul
and dear self.

For indeed,
You are dear to Him, dear Lily.



Hello there 

I guess I’ve been away for far too long
Maybe life gets me at times and I come scattering back in poems
Lyricing poems from the heart’s song

But hello there
An ounce of effort to rummage for words that hopefully no soul has to bare

For our heart was never meant for this world’s call
So brave up pieces soul
For it all begins with just a hello afterall

The All-Hearing
The All-Merciful,
The All-Forgiving,
The All-Giving
Keep me in Your hello, always.

For lovers never do part, do they? 


The Heart’s Cure

My words, it lacks depth
My sight, it lacks beauty
My touch, it lacks kindness
My soul, it lacks sincerity
But my heart, it seeks a cure

In nothing more than to be pure
For the depth on aftermath
For the beauty in certainty
For the kindness to gracefulness
For the sincerity in seeking clarity

For my heart, it seeks a cure
To be among the people of pure.


He writes you

His mannerism with words and agility to pierce it together into a masterpiece, she’ll read timelessly over and falling once more.

That was how everything falls into place and His Love took the space, of her vacant hollowed heart’s maze.

Like herself, He’s a writer but no ordinary one. His words were heaved in diviness. It moulded her with honorable courage, strength and human mindedness.

His words gave her truth. His words never needs proof. His words were filled with promises of eternal bliss if she just put it to practise. And his words, never made her day ever blue.

He is the best writer even against of all writers. Moreover. He is an all-stake high favourite fever, even to His non-readers. And even so, He writes you.


In His Hands

And all I ask of you is to just take a leap of faith and put your guard down, put all your worries, sadness, happiness everything in His hands and trust Him.

For which better pair of hands could you entrust everything with, if not other than the Maker of Hearts, Himself.

Put your heart, with the Maker. He will fix you and moreover, He knows best. Put your heart in His Hands.