My Golden Sunflower

To my sunflower, golden as the sun,
blooming in His light, giving life to the lives you touched. May you always bloom in His light.

I hope you know you light my path in your beauty and gracefulness. Your love revolves beyond my world, up to the skies even the stars felt it. You never gave up on me, or left me by my own. And I’m sorry for all those times I couldn’t bring myself to you. I need you to know you’re amazing and I’m blessed I met a sunflower to be part of my little garden.

You’re a walking blessing to every path you cross, leaving fragrance to the hands you held. Even the trees know it. Thank you for believing in me despite all my flawed self.


Tell Her Of The Al-Baqi

Tell her He is with the oppress
Tell her He is with the distress

Tell her He is with the traveller, the grief and the broken heart

Tell her of her Master – The Al-Baqi, The Everlasting even if time is count in lightning years apart

For He is to his servant, as she remembers Him, but tons closer than in her heart.


For the little hearts 

Your little heart wouldn’t know what failure and lost felt like.
For you only understood matters by sight 

But your heart, small as it seems, but pure as light.
Among the brightest, filled with love and crafted by the Almight

May the little heart be left unharmed by the worldly plights
And make love your one and only guide 

And may it always be,
Just like where He is,

right by your side.