Way too often

Too often, we chose the easier road in comforting someone’s loss and grief.

Too often,we chose the easier road to comfort our desires when we claim to be the people of belief.

Too often, we chose our worldly success when we knew that our ends are similarly at the ground beneath.

For it’s way too often, that we forgot about our time here, that is short lived.


Half of Me

Will you comfort her, love her, honour her and keep her in sickness and in health?

For your other half is to be love and to be cherish.

A decision to unite two hearts is not meant for the foolish.

So, what’s your solemn vow before I hand this heart I’m holding now.


Her New Cheer

He stopped her fears from turning into tears,
And made her realise the light she still had, even after all of her dark years.

For He had always kept her near,
To give her the happiness that she rightfully deserve.

And maybe that will be her new cheer,
To keep striving to be with the beloved of her Creator.