Go on, ask Him. 

It’s a little heavy at first. Coming to God. It’s because you’ve carried the weight of so much sins and struggles for so long. 

The darkness has been comfortable. That first ray of light will feel a little uncomfortable. It’ll sting a little.

But I promise you, once you confront your shortcomings. His mercy will elude light into every part of your broken soul.

The heart may be in your chest, but the key is in Your Creator’s hands. Ask Him to open it. Go on, ask Him.




Fall in love, again. 

May you always fall in love, again.  

But this time, may you fall in love for the right reason. 

“May you fall in love with Allah. May He become the one you first want to tell good news to. May He become the one you first want to tell your bad news to. May He become the one you always want to be with. May He become the one you always want to make happy. May He become the one you put before anything else. May He become the one you love more than anyone else in this entire world.”

For with every fall, may you fall in love deeper each time for Him.


In His Hands

And all I ask of you is to just take a leap of faith and put your guard down, put all your worries, sadness, happiness everything in His hands and trust Him.

For which better pair of hands could you entrust everything with, if not other than the Maker of Hearts, Himself.

Put your heart, with the Maker. He will fix you and moreover, He knows best. Put your heart in His Hands.



After April’s Joke

My thoughts and prayers goes out to humanity. May we act with love and patience in times of trials and tribulations. And may He ease and soften our hearts.

Hold on tight, my brothers and sisters. The Almighty Lord of the divine worlds is all we need. May He constantly remind us to return back to Him. May we act with grace and courage for the Truth.

For, He is with us. Forever and Always.


My First Post

Current Venue: In the Train

Situation: I’m (very, very, very and the very) late for my interview

You know those days where you’re all hyped to start a blog and you want your first post to have that KAPOWWWBANGBOOMKADABABOM impact. 

Well, here’s mine /explosives blastfire entrance\ Never intend my first post to be on how ignorantly irresponsible I can be with time. I wanted it to be a poetry on potty poop stops actually. Strange…. I Know. But ouh well, I’ve reached my stop (not the potty poop one), gotta rush and wish me luck!

Am I suppose to sign out with love….

Ouh Charlie,